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A new bathroom is always a big step when it comes to redesigning your home interior. Some people go through bathrooms like chocolate bars, devouring the current designs and trends before moving on to the next bathroom craze. Other people may keep the same bathroom until the fittings and fixtures are all worn and holey. Supplying the best bathrooms in Glasgow we've noticed a certain trend with our customers; whether you keep your bathroom for one, ten or thirty years, there are certain reasons why people pull out their purses and buy a new bathroom.



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Bathrooms can be an ideal retreat from our hectic modern lives, and a place to simply relax and luxuriate. A luxurious bathroom can also be a great investment, and the highlight of any home.

With this in mind, here we give a guide to some handy hint and tips, perfect for transforming your bathroom into a luxurious retreat.


A minimalist design is perfect for giving your bathroom a more luxurious look and feel, and when it comes to bathroom design, less really can be more.

Whilst a minimalist style can be a little tricky to master, don’t let this put you off. A minimalist look can be rather easy to achieve, providing you bear certain factors in mind. For example, any minimalist space should aim to incorporate ample light, minimal clutter and a good spatial layout.

It’s also a good idea to steer clear of overly elaborate features and to stick to neutral tones, as these are ideal for giving your bathroom interiors a more minimalist feel.


Whilst it’s not for everyone, a white-on-white colour scheme can be a particularly good option for small bathrooms. This reflects plenty of light, making the room feel larger.

 Natural Materials

If you want to give your bathroom a more luxurious, spa-like aesthetic, then incorporating natural materials such as stone and wood into your bathroom design is essential. Not only are these materials naturally beautiful, they also evoke a calming atmosphere, and will give your bathroom a more relaxing, earthy feel.

Statement Features

Incorporating a statement feature, such as a stylish mirror, chandelier, or freestanding bathtub, can be an ideal way to give your bathroom a more elegant and sophisticated look. These fixtures are the ultimate in luxury and will help you to make a real style statement with your bathroom design.

Luxurious Touches

When it comes to bathroom design, even the smallest details can make a big difference – that’s why it's important to consider adding a few luxurious touches to your bathroom. Some plush towels, candles and stylish soap dispensers are perfect for adding those all-important finishing touches to your bathroom design, and will enhance the feeling of luxury too.

Hopefully these handy tips will have inspired you to try adding a little luxury to your own bathroom design.


Here at Osprey Bathrooms we're experts when it comes to bathroom design and can provide you with all the help you need to create the bathroom that's right for you. So if you're looking for bathroom suites in Glasgow please don't hesitate to contact us today, by giving us a call on 0800 007 5344 to speak to a member of our friendly team.


The morning rush can sometimes be a daunting task for many families. With too many people rushing around, squeezing past each other to complete their daily routines, the bathroom can become a morning battleground. There are a couple of ways to save yourself from the hassle and morning arguments however, and these may just help you and your family survive the morning rush.


First Come First Served?


In most cases the rules of the bathroom are simple, first up gets first turn, and so on and so forth.

The first problem that arises is when the person who taken the longest in the bathroom is second or third in line instead of first. Sometimes to avoid arguments, make sure the person likely to take the longest amount of time is in and out before everybody else. That way you're not hanging around waiting for your children before jetting off on the school run.

The second issue is when two people are up at the same time. Who goes first? Why should they go first? When will they be finished? There's an easy way to survive this dilemma: "What do you need to do?" Figuring out who's in more dire need is a sure-fire way of saving your family time and energy first thing in the morning.





Storage Spaces


Surprisingly or not, another major argument which arises first thing in the morning comes along the lines of, "Who's used my..." From tooth brushes through to face scrubs, the bathrooms many tools can get muddled up easily if not stored in certain areas. Multiple toothbrushes in one place, for example, can be easily saved from numerous mouths by colour coding them. Getting specific colours or specific types can mean there's absolutely no chance that somebody will forget which toothbrush is theirs.

Having a shelf for each person's personal belongings in a cabinet, for example, can be another easy way to reduce the stress of a morning argument, and if you need help in changing around your bathroom design to accommodate for such things, we're always happy to help.





The Toilet Seat


The seat up vs seat down has been a topic of vast discussion for generations. When it comes to bathroom etiquette it's always nice to accommodate each gender in your household. The basic rule, however, can be very simple: close the lid.

Closing the lid on the toilet seat after use and before flushing not only reduces particle spray from the toilet across your bathroom, but also means that everybody, no matter their gender, has to work before using the toilet. We think the suitable term for this rule is 'check mate'.






When it comes to bathrooms in Glasgow we try to help you in every aspect, especially in optimising your bathroom space to further avoid any morning mishaps. For more information on what bathroom designs could save you time in the morning rush, contact us today on 0800 007 5344  

There’s nothing like having a dreamy bathroom that you can escape to when the days been a little rough, so it’s well worth making sure this room undergoes a little makeover from time to time.

Restyling your bathroom doesn’t have to mean a new bathroom suite, although if that’s what you’re looking for – here at Osprey Bathrooms, we’re here to do the hard work for you! We offer a unique and innovative range of traditional and modern bathroom suites at our bathroom showrooms in Glasgow, and once you’ve decided your style – we’ll design, buy and fit your wonderful bathroom for you. Easy, eh?

However, if you’re looking to just give your favourite room in your home a little spruce-up, here’s a few easy ways to accessorise the space and update your themes. Enjoy!

Accessorise with mirrors

If you have a large wall to fill and you don’t want to re-paint or tile – try hanging a collection of mirrors to add a touch of vintage glamour to the space. Mirrors are great for both large and small spaces, and can create a unique and artistic vibe throughout. Try searching local charity shops and markets for some interesting and unique frames – creating a mix-match yet effortless sophistication to your bathroom space.






 Do it with tiles

Tiling is a big job, especially if you are just aiming to add a little tile-beauty to a small area. Whether it’s a splash back or small floor or wall space – adding a touch of tiled styling to a space really can enhance a surrounding, and won’t break the bank! If you don’t fancy re-tiling – why not paint the tiles with tile-paint? Opt for a bright and contemporary palette for uplifting a traditional space, and vice versa.







Upcycle the furniture

If you’re lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom, then why not take advantage of this and opt for a statement storage solution? Instead of searching for bathroom units that’ll complement the decor, use an existing dresser and match it to your colour schemes and themes.

White is often a classic choice, however, for a shabby-chic or vintage aesthetic – opt for pastel shades such as pinks, blues and lemons to add a colourful feature to a simplistic space. Add accessories, such as flowers or trinkets to establish your new colour addition.






Here at Osprey Bathrooms, we’re here to enhance your bathroom, and provide a full design and fitting service. Whatever your style tastes, our professional and experienced team are here to augment your home. So, for more information – please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 007 5344 today!

When designing incredible bathrooms in Glasgow, we think that the little details count for just as much as the overall look and feel of the room. After you’ve had the perfect bathroom fitted, take a look at some of these essential gadgets to get even more from your space:

Shower Radio


If you love singing and bopping in the shower then there’s nothing cooler than a shower radio to help you pump out some tunes and really start the day off in a good mood. Without one, the temptation is there to balance your phone somewhere precarious and play some music that way, always with worries about rogue splashes of water in the back of your mind. Waterproof and bathroom-safe, a shower radio will solve all those issues without bringing an end to those banging tunes. 

Tap Extender

Small children can’t always reach the sink with ease, which can be a problem if you’re trying to teach them some independence! A tap extender guides some water towards the front of the sink, helping little ones to wash their hands without any difficulty – perfect for when you have a dozen tasks to get done and they need to clean their teeth.

Rubber Ducks

Just because the bathroom is ultimately functional there’s no reason that you can’t have a little bit of fun with it. A bright, patterned or otherwise funky duck will bring life and personality: they look super cute perched at the edge of the bath or sat by the sink. Okay, so these don’t technically count as a gadget – unless you get one with flashing lights to double up as a nifty bath time lamp.

Toothbrush Drainer

If you’re still storing your toothbrushes in a spare glass or mug then that ends here – a toothbrush drainer can be positioned over the sink so that any drips of water run away and avoid building up and creating a stagnant pool of water to be cleaned out every couple of days. With options such as elephants available these are also pretty adorable, so there’s no excuse not to store your toothbrushes in a more sanitary way.


These gadgets will look incredible in a brand new bathroom, so if yours needs a refit to bring it up to scratch then contact Osprey Bathrooms today; you can get in touch online or call us at 0800 007 5344 to speak to a member of our team and get some personal advice.  

If you’re thinking of changing the design of your bathroom and are looking for a little inspiration, then here we give a guide to some of our tops picks of the best emerging bathroom trends in 2015. These are an ideal source of inspiration, perfect for helping you to get a little creative with your bathroom design.

Freestanding Bath Tubs

Freestanding bath tubs are set to take centre stage in 2015. These statement bathtubs are undeniably elegant and are available in a range of both vintage and also more contemporary styles, making them the perfect complement to any bathroom design. These baths can also make for a great focal feature and will instantly add a touch of luxury to you bathroom interiors.

Statement Floor Tiles

A number of industry experts are also predicting that statement floor tiles will make a big splash in 2015. Bold tile designs aren’t just for the walls in your bathroom and statement floor tiles can make for a particularly great feature in smaller bathroom designs. These are an ideal option for livening up your bathroom interiors, without overwhelming the space.


Sustainability is another key trend you can expect to hear more about in the year ahead. Energy-saving options such as energy efficient lighting fixtures and water saving technologies are likely to become more popular than ever before and are set to become the new norm in bathroom design.

Natural Beauty

A bathroom should make you feel instantly relaxed and refreshed and it's important for your bathroom to reflect a calming ambience. Introducing a little natural beauty into your bathroom design can help create a more calm and relaxing atmosphere. You can easily incorporate a few natural elements into your bathroom by using natural materials and textures, such as wood and stone.

Try introducing some plant life into your bathroom too, such as a few potted plants. These are ideal for giving your bathroom a cleaner, fresher, aesthetic and will also add some extra visual interest to your bathroom design.

 If you’re feeling inspired by these exciting new bathroom trends and are thinking of revamping the look of your bathroom, then we can help. We are bathroom design experts and have many years of experience of creating an array of beautiful bathrooms in Glasgow.

We can also offer a complete bathroom design service, helping you to make the most of your bathroom. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us today, by giving us a call on 0800 007 5344and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help you with your enquiries.



Your bathroom should be a place where you are able to relax and unwind after a long or stressful day at work. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, the bathroom is just a place where they go through the motions of washing and brushing their teeth before another hectic day. However, it doesn't have to be that way; with a few changes, you can make your bathroom a place where you want to spend time in.

Osprey Bathrooms offer high quality designs for bathrooms in Glasgow, guiding you from your initial ideas to installation. We are big believers that you can achieve the perfect tranquil bathroom, with just some careful planning and paying close attention to detail.


So we have decided to share our best tips and advice for creating a calm and tranquil bathroom in your home.

Consider a Wet Room

A wet room will turn any bathroom into a luxurious and practical space. It’s perfect for smaller bathrooms, as the lack of shower cubicle will free up room.

A wet room style shower area can give your bathroom the ultimate tranquil spa-like feel – perfect for the relaxing look you are going for.

We suggest you fit a glass screen for a stylish and minimal look.


Change the Lighting

You can alter the mood in your bathroom by changing up the lighting. Ditch the overly bright lights for something that is a little softer – therefore a little more relaxing.

You can do as little or as much as you want to. For a low cost design, change your existing bulb or install a dimmer in your bathroom. You could even just ditch the light altogether and light some candles for the ultimate tranquil feel.

For those who want a little more, you could have lights recessed into the ceiling, or a grouping of clear glass shades.


We recommend adding some lights to your bathroom mirror for the perfect Hollywood look.

Add a Rug

Instead of an average monochromatic bath mat, think about investing in a rug instead. Using a rug can make a big difference to the look in your bathroom – and can alter the ambiance.

It’s your choice on the style of the rug and there are many options available, from contemporary to oriental.

The only advice we have is to make sure that you choose a rug which is made from a fabric that can stand the type of humidity in a bathroom.

Create a Plant Oasis

Create a peaceful setting in your bathroom by bringing a little bit of nature inside. Some house-plants do extremely well in the bathroom environment – and they can also help clean the air.

Choose a potted plant such as an orchid, or one that does well in a moist damp environment.

For those who have pets who may eat a real plant, a realistic looking fake plant can also create the same beautiful look. 

Light Some Scented Candles

Who doesn't appreciate a good smelling bathroom? A few well placed candles can add a sense of tranquillity to your bathroom. You should choose ones that give off a relaxing scent such as roses, jasmine, lavender or amber. Be careful with them though – we suggest using flameless candles for added safety.

Incense and sprays can also leave your bathroom smelling lovely.


If you would like to create a bathroom that is calm and tranquil, then Osprey Bathrooms can help you out. We specialise in modern and stylish bathroom designs, including a wide range of furniture that can help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams.


If you have any questions about the service we offer, then please feel free to contact us. You can give us a ring on 0800 007 5344 and a member of our staff will be happy to help you out.


When it comes to decorating any room in the home, you’ll want to opt for a colour that’ll last, and colour that will provide stylish, on-trend and timeless design without the worry of becoming dated by next season.

In many homes, the bathroom is one of the most used (and in turn, important) rooms in the home, meaning its aesthetic should be simple yet well-designed to provide you with the design styles you want from an interior.

So, whether you fancy a style overhaul for the New Year, or just fancy bringing a little 2015 style into your home’s design – here are a few of the must-have palettes for your design focused home in the coming year.

Natural Stone

Natural stones have been a popular choice for bathroom decor for many years, although this year the trend favourite is slate. For both larger and smaller spaced rooms, opt for a textural rich colour that is sure to ‘pop’ against a crisp monochrome bathroom suite.

Slate tiles are a fantastic way of adding drama and giving a space a statement-aesthetic, providing a delicate and natural palette to any bathroom setting. Deep and textural colours are the must-have colour trend, and boast a relaxing and well-designed style to any natural interior. Consider ash greys, burnt oranges, dusty charcoals and subtle earth tones pairings for unique and contemporary hue palettes.

Mirrored Metallic

If you’re aiming to achieve a minimalist and modern aesthetic, why not enhance a room’s space by the addition or metallic and mirrored features? By adding metallic detailing to a space, the room’s size can be improved with little effort, creating room expanding qualities to even the slightest of spaces.

Metallic and mirrored additions are a style highlight of the coming design year, and are sure to enhance any minimalist space. Whether floor length mirrors, mirrored details or metallic accessories – this style is great for both large and small spaced areas, adding the perfect touch to any modern or traditional home.

The New Grey

For a minimalist interior, or a way of modernising a traditional aesthetic; consider a simple and subtle colour that will complement your space without overpowering the design. Neutral colours are a fantastic choice for long-lasting and timeless colour application, however when opting for a colour that is sure to work – consider grey tones.

Greys are subtle, sophisticated and easy-to-accessorise – providing any home owner with a must-have shade that will forever be in fashion, whatever the season. Rumour is - grey is the new black, and it’s set to be the neutral shade that will complement any room decor and home styling.


Here at Osprey Bathrooms, we are proud to be one of the leading providers of beautiful, bespoke and perfectly-designed bathrooms in Glasgow – making it easy for you to achieve the epitome of bathroom design in your home. So, for more information, or for a little design advice – why not contact our friendly and professional team today on 0800 007 5344.

With bathroom design becoming more contemporary in nature, we are seeing more and more designs incorporating a freestanding bath tub. But what exactly does this solitary element bring to your bathroom?

Fits Any Style

Whether you are going for the more rustic look in your bathroom or ultra modern, there will be a style you suit you. With many designs already available, the main decision you will have to make to narrow down your choices, is what style of bathroom are you looking to create.

From there you will have a choice of whether you want the bath to stand alone or include a shower, whether you want feet on your tub or not and what size you want, making it an attractive focal feature of the room.

If you have a smaller bathroom, you don’t have to miss out on this trend. Some designs have a single flat end that can be positioned against a wall to avoid taking up unnecessary freestanding space, while making everything in the room appear bigger.

Luxurious Experience

Freestanding bath tubs offer the user a whole new bathing experience, especially if they have been used to the standard bath tub that comes with a three piece bathroom suite.

Boasting a deep tub, taking a long, relaxing bubble bath that can be filled near enough right to the top becomes more a more relaxing and tranquil affair. Gone are the days of shallow bath tubs that don’t allow the water to fully cover you; forcing your intended peaceful soak to be cut short when the goose pimples arrive.

Creates a Statement

Not long ago, these tubs were only found in swanky hotels or posh apartments. Now that they are more easily affordable, anyone can incorporate this lavish statement piece into their bathrooms, no matter what size, shape, colour or style; there is something out there for every bathroom’s needs.

This also makes the tub the focal point of the room, rather than the toilet, which is what is most associated with visiting the bathroom for. Don’t be shocked if guests start commenting on how gorgeous your bath is, this takes away the spotlight from your toilet, which you might have been worried about getting judged on (don’t deny you haven’t judged the state of a friend’s loo!)

Here at Osprey Bathrooms, we love to create a space in which people are comfortable and able to relax in. Being the leading provider of high quality bathrooms in Glasgow, we can help you turn your drab, old bathroom into an attractive place of relaxation. For more information on our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 007 5344 and talk to one of our experienced members of staff today!




Inspiring Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in our home, however there are a number of great design ideas perfect for helping you to make the most of the space in your bathroom. So here we take a quick look at some great small bathroom design ideas, to inspire you to get a little creative with your bathroom.

Use Your Walls

Using the walls in your bathroom for some creative storage solutions can save you plenty of space in your bathroom, and help free up some floor space. Another great idea is to try creating a storage wall instead of cluttering up your bathroom with a cupboard here and some shelves there. Instead plan a dedicated area in your bathroom especially for storage, to free up valuable space in the rest of the room. Recessed shelves such as in your shower can also make for a great storage solution in your bathroom.

Neutral Decors

Any room tends to appear larger when made lighter and brighter, and being careful with your colour choices is a great way to achieve this in your bathroom. Neutral tones are perfect for creating a bright and airy feel and can enhance the sense of space. Plenty of mirrors can also enhance light and can create the illusion of more space in the smallest of rooms, and these make for great design features too.


Choosing the right lighting options can also increase the sense of space in your bathroom; for example using task lighting in the spaces above your cabinets can help create depth and height.

Here at Osprey Bathrooms we can help you create the perfect design for your bathroom regardless of its size. We are experts when it comes to bathroom design in Glasgow and pride ourselves on providing a complete service and creating some truly beautiful and inspiring high quality designs, to meet our clients’ individual needs and requirements. For more information about our range of services please do not hesitate to contact us and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help you with your enquiries.



Bathroom Design Mistakes People Make

You will be surprised to know that the bathroom is the room in which people make more design mistakes than any other in the house. It can be incredibly difficult to get the right mix of functional and attractive.

It doesn’t matter whether your bathroom is big or small, it should always be extensively thought out before you attempt any kind of redecorating or remodelling.

As a company who specialises in designing bathroom suites in Glasgow, we have witnessed a lot of design mistakes that have been committed in bathrooms. Using our specialist knowledge, we have put together a list of some of the most common mistakes in bathrooms and what you can do to avoid these.

No View

No one likes a bathroom that is dark, dingy and unwelcoming. If the room is uninviting, you won’t want to spend any more time in there than necessary.

If it is possible to do so, try adding a window or two to your bathroom. You don’t want to be in clear view of everyone outside, but you do want natural light to be able to get in. It will give your room some fresh air, and make it seem a lot larger.

If this isn’t possible, then install an operable skylight – you will get the same natural light effect.

Toilet in Eye Sight

A lot of people make the mistake of having their toilet be the first thing that is seen when walking into the bathroom.

If you have a big enough bathroom, we suggest putting the toilet out of the sight line of anyone who may be looking into the bathroom. For those of us with smaller bathrooms, you can try and distract from the toilet with eye-catching colours and bright coloured accessories.


Some people prefer to have their toilet in a completely different room, so that it can be used whilst someone else is using the shower or bath. If possible, this is a very good idea. 

No Storage

We have seen far too many bathrooms that have little to no storage. This can leave the bathroom looking messy, and make it seem a lot smaller too.

It’s easy for our collection of toiletries to start taking over all the space visible, which is why it’s a good idea to invest in some stylish storage space.

A mirrored cabinet with space inside is a perfect way to hide away your shampoo and conditioner, or keep your toothpaste and toothbrushes out of view.


As you can see, the design of your bathroom is very important. Here at Osprey Bathrooms, we can help provide you with a modern and stylish bathroom.


 So, if you are in need of any help with your bathroom, or you’re interested in a new bathroom suite, we can help you out. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 007 5344 and a member of our staff will be happy to help.






Whilst your bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in your home there’s no reason why it can't also be one of the most interesting too. So here we give a quick guide to some unique bathroom design ideas to inspire you to get a little creative with your bathroom interiors.


Good storage is essential in any bathroom and can really help you to maximise space. Luckily when it comes to bathroom storage options there are a number of great creative ideas out there to choose from. For example try making the most of the wall space in your bathroom such as by installing cabinets above and below your sink, to help conserve that all-important floor space. Shelves are also a great option when it comes to bathroom storage and there are a range of designs available including corner units to help you make the most of those unused spaces in your bathroom.

Good storage is essential in a bathroom.

Bold Patterns

When it comes to your bathroom walls there are a number of opportunities to get a little creative, and there are a variety of colour choices and designs for you to choose from. For example incorporating patterns such as stripes can introduce an interesting design into your bathroom, and by continuing the pattern throughout the room this can also really open up the room and create a great flow around the space. Bold colour choices are also a great way to add character and brighten up the look of your bathroom.

Bold colours are a great way to add character to a bathroom.

Freestanding Bath

Freestanding baths can make for unique and interesting design features in any bathroom, allowing you to make a real style statement, and these kinds of baths are growing increasingly popular. Freestanding baths are also incredibly versatile and can complement both contemporary and also more traditional interiors perfectly.

A freestanding bath makes an interesting focal point in a bathroom.


Here at Osprey Bathrooms we are experts when it comes to bathroom design and are providers of a great range of high quality bathroom suites in Glasgow. For more information about our range of products and services please do not hesitate to contact us and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help you with your enquiries. 

A bathroom is a quiet sanctuary where you can relax and unwind after a long day. For many people, a large, luxury bathroom is something that dreams are made of, particularly if you are restricted on space, however there are a few things you can do to maximise the size of your bathroom.

At Osprey Bathrooms, we specialise in providing luxury bathrooms in Glasgow, and here is our advice on how you can make your small bathroom appear substantially bigger.

Natural Light

Natural light is a wonderful way to brighten up your space and can instantly make it feel bigger. It gives the effect of open spaces and, for those who love to save money, provides your bathroom with free, sustainable lighting all day long.

Make the most of your window by replacing the use of frosted glass with blinds or curtains wherever possible, as this will allow you to maximise your view while still maintaining your privacy. It is also a good idea to remove any clutter from your windowsill and instead replace it with some scented candles or potpourri.


Mirrors are not only an essential feature in any bathroom, they can also give the illusion of more space without taking up much room themselves.

If you are going for a modern look, using one large feature mirror will help you to instantly double the appearance of the room’s size. However, if wall space is at a premium or you would like to use a more traditional style, you may want to consider placing a few smaller mirrors around the room instead.

Open Plan

An open plan design is the best way to instantly open up your bathroom space. This can be achieved easily by installing a wet room as opposed to a bath or shower stall, and can also give your home a luxurious, modern look.

You can also get this effect through clever storage solutions that help to organise clutter. Recess shelves are particularly useful for bathrooms with limited space for cabinets, and will continue the theme of contemporary luxury.



As you can see, a luxury bathroom can become a reality no matter what the size of your home is, and at Osprey Bathrooms, we can provide you with the perfect bathroom to suit all your needs and preferences. For more information, contact us today by calling 0800 007 5344.

The bathroom is naturally one of the most important rooms of any home, and as a space we use daily; the importance of crafting timeless and on-trend styles is crucial to your home’s decor and design.

Modern bathrooms, whether bright and breezy or chic and sophisticated are the current trend favourites, and work to enhance any small or larger scaled space. So, whether you’re looking for some design inspiration or you fancy a complete style overhaul – here at Osprey Bathrooms, we can promise to provide the ultimate style to suit you and your home!

Here are a few of our season trends that’ll take your dull and boring bathroom and turn it into a refreshing and relaxing haven.

Modern Monochromes

With the monochrome pairing of black and white being a style classic since, well, forever – the new option of one or the other means achieving simplistic perfection has never been easier! Consider all-white features including tile work, bathroom suite and furnishings to open up a space and create a harmonious palette of crisp, clean design.

Whether you opt for clean whites or mystic blacks, focus on making this colour a statement and providing a strong sense of depth and texture throughout the modern palette. It can often be hard to create a textural collection with only one colour, so consider tiles for walls or wooden boards for flooring in order to create a variety of material qualities throughout – this technique will create coherent and classic style in one strong colour.

Natural Neutrals

Whether more deep and richer tones or stone washed greys and coffee beiges, neutral palettes are the ideal timeless aesthetic for any sized space. Neutrals give a sense of freshness, cleanliness and spaciousness, and will provide any home bathroom with subtle sophistication in classic style.

When pairing a white bathroom suite with a complementary shade or accent colour, consider swatches that match decor detailing or ones that will create the essence you wish to achieve. Light dusty shades are perfect for smaller sized rooms, creating the illusion of more space and a cleaner aesthetic. Likewise, darker tones including creamy browns and ash greys will create a calming and relaxing vibe in both small and larger sized spaces. Consider light-tone marbles and ash woods for ultimate decor detailing!

Here at Osprey Bathrooms, we are proud to be one of the leading designers of bathrooms in Glasgow, and are dedicated to designing the ideal style to enhance both home and decor. For more information, or for advice regarding styling or design – please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and creative team on 0800 007 5344 today!

Having a small bathroom has its drawbacks; whether there just isn’t enough storage available, or you just don’t have enough room to fit that washing basket in.


 Here at Osprey Bathrooms we understand that the contemporary bathroom often requires having more space, so we’ve compiled a few little tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your space!

Storage Furniture

Tall, thin storage units are the perfect addition to any small bathroom. These units are able offer a massive amount of storage space for your towels or toiletries, and take up little to no floor space; if they’re wall-mounted storage units, even better!

The beauty of these storage units is that they come in so many different finishes and sizes that are ideal for a bathroom setting, so there will always be a storage unit that fits with the design theme of your bathroom!

Having Your Toilet and Sink in One Unit!

Having a unit that incorporates both your toilet and your sink saves a whole lot of unnecessary space in the room. Keeping everything close by and accessible, this is the perfect way to keep wasted space to a minimum.

Corner Suites

Struggling to find something to fill those pesky corners with? Why not put your bathroom suite into the corners of your room to free up some of those walls for a luxurious bath?


These are also especially ideal for extremely small spaces, such as a downstairs bathroom or an en suite.

Mirrored Units or Walls

If space is tight to begin with and you’re looking to create the illusion of a bigger room while saving as much space as possible, mirrored storage units are here to help.

Mirrored units are usually quite slim line in design to avoid protruding too much into the room. The mirrored fronts of the doors reflect light around the room and create a sense of space.

If your room is especially small, or you just simply want to have a more contemporary design, units can be fitted with sliding doors to minimise the amount of space needed to get into your unit. This is ideal for very small bathrooms, as well as creating the impression of a bigger room.

Mirrored walls are also an excellent way of making your bathroom visitors feel like the room is bigger than it is. Although this doesn’t provide any storage facility, it does create a bigger, more noticeable sense of space.

Shower Baths

Quite an obvious one, we know, but having this two-in-one unit in a limited space bathroom is quite helpful!

Having both units in one place, rather than having a separate bath and shower, means that more space is freed up in your bathroom. As they come in a range of different lengths and sizes, fitting a shower bath in your bathroom has become even easier!

This unit gives you the option of having both a bath and a shower, rather than having to sacrifice one or the other for the sake of space!

Small bathrooms don’t need to feel cramped and uncomfortable, and we hope you have gained some inspiration from some of these ideas!


Here at Osprey Bathrooms, we're all about creating the perfect bathroom to fit your needs; big or small! To find out more about our stylish bathroom suites in Glasgow, speak to one of our friendly team members and find out how Osprey Bathrooms can help transform your bathroom. Contact us on 0800 007 5344 today!

Hello and welcome to the opening blog post here at Osprey Bathrooms. If this is the first time that you’ve come across us, then we’re especially happy that you’re here, and we hope that this blog will allow us to share a bit more about our business with you in the future. Our aim is to prove ourselves as the very best option when it comes to bathroom showrooms in Glasgow, and our forthcoming blog articles should hopefully go some way towards justifying that pretty bold assertion.

At Osprey, we firmly believe that a bathroom should be an experience that’s created with you in mind, and that means that we always like to help you to maximise your bathroom in every possible way. When space is at a premium – such as in an under-the-stairs setup – we’ll provide custom-designed furniture to make the most of what you do have, and where you have a specific preference for the classical or the contemporary, we’ll help you to realise that as well. Bathroom design is our speciality, so you can count on us to deliver the results that you’re looking for.


As well as dedicated bathrooms, we also regularly create on-suite and wet-room options, and we’re definitely a leading service when it comes to blending stylish design with great practicality; even in the smallest of spaces. You’ll find that Osprey can bring you all of this and more at a fraction of the cost that you’d be subjected to from other suppliers, and even if you arrange for a quotation and a design visit at our showroom, there’s no obligation for you to follow through with your plans.

In the coming months, we’ll be using our blog to bring you lots of interesting information relating to our business and our industry, and because we use a fair amount of creativity on a daily basis in our bathroom design projects, you can expect to find that same creativity right here too. We’ll bring you our thoughts upon all the latest bathroom trends, designs, decorative themes and more, and even slip in some practical advice for good measure, so be sure to look in on us soon to find out more.

If you’d like further information about any of our bathroom design services, don’t hesitate to contact the professional team here at Osprey. Give us a call on 0800 007 5344 today and we’ll be happy to help.

When it comes to bathroom shades that are bang on-trend and timeless, we can't help but fall in love with the effortless palettes of Pantone, season on season.

 photo 1_zpsgszwh7ee.png

From minimalist styles to rich and warming tones, Pantone provide a definitive guide to the upcoming hues of the season, and give ways to adapt these styles to your beloved abode! Here at Osprey Bathrooms, we're passionate about colour, and promise to provide you with the latest in interior design and styling to enhance your living space.

So, whether you're looking to transform your bathroom or add a blast of stylish and contemporary colour, here's our favourite styles from the Pantone Interior Collection 2015. Enjoy.


 photo 2_zpsvwkuldw5.png

For a high fashion aesthetic, the 'Style-Setting' collection provides home-lovers with a stylised selection of design, colour  and texture, and offers a taste-making palette that promises to enhance any home. Whether you prefer contemporary or traditional styles, the elegance of the purple hues promises to add a statement luxury when paired with classic mahogany, off-white or monochromatic shades.

For ultimate styling, pair champagne beige with frosted almond for a subtle yet mesmerising and timeless appearance.

The Tones:

PANTONE 14-1012 Champagne Beige

PANTONE 19-3325 Wood Violet

PANTONE 19-1420 Deep Mahogany

PANTONE 18-3224 Radiant Orchid

PANTONE 18-4005 Steel Gray

PANTONE 13-1012 Frosted Almond

PANTONE 17-1311 Desert Taupe

PANTONE 11-1001 White Alyssum


 photo 3_zpsvkqkidvz.png

If light and fresh hues are more your style, the Botanicum collection offers a perfect representation of flora and foliage;  providing intriguing groupings of soft, bright and warming tones in one very accessible and coherent aesthetic. We recommend this palette be used together, in order to create a sophisticated yet inherently natural palette and for ultimate style – consider pairing dusty or smoky tones with creamy and succulent shades.

The Tones:

PANTONE 16-0840 Antique Moss

PANTONE 16-4010 Dusty Blue

PANTONE 18-1710 Grape Nectar

PANTONE 17-1227 Café au Lait

PANTONE 17-3612 Orchid Mist

PANTONE 18-3410 Vintage Violet

PANTONE 15-2210 Orchid Smoke

PANTONE 17-0207 Rock Ridge

Urban Jungle

 photo 4_zpsmnwts0fu.png

Urban Jungle is the colour collection which works to transform contemporary rustics into coherent and classic palettes, offering the shadings of the big city with wild terrain details. Promoting rough textures, smooth contours and typical and atypical wild hues, the Urban Jungle is the ideal palette for both large and small spaces, providing a modernity to any aesthetic.

The Tones:

PANTONE 18-4718 Hydro

PANTONE 14-0740 Bamboo

PANTONE 17-1340 Adobe

PANTONE 18-1447 Orange Rust

PANTONE 16-0940 Taffy

PANTONE 13-1009 Biscotti

PANTONE 19-4008 Meteorite

PANTONE 11-0601 Bright White

Here at Osprey Bathrooms, we're passionate about bathrooms, and offer a full bathroom transformation service. From design to styling and installation, we're proud to be the leading provider of quality, on-trend and stylish bathroom suites in Glasgow. So, for more information, or to speak to one of our friendly and helpful team – please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 007 5344 today!

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